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Monday, June 20, 2005

DejaVu News IV.

by Štěpán Roh

Let's talk about DejaVu fonts.

Another One Eaten

Another Bitstream Vera derivative, now discontinued SuSE standard fonts, was eaten by us. That added six new glyphs to our fonts. On the road to full Latin Extended-A coverage ten glyphs with comma below (or comma accent or cedilla or what other names it had over the years) were added too. There are also some kerning fixes.

Test version 1.11 yourself.

Almost There

Next release, 1.12, will be postponed a bit. Instead of the traditional mid-month release it will be released at the end of July. Vacation, here I go!

It will have full coverage of Latin Extended-A, I promise.

Debian Does Us Too

More and more Linux distributions include DejaVu fonts (for example Gentoo Linux, Mandriva Linux and others). Last one joining the club is Debian - see related Debian bug and download page.

Approaching Holy Grail

Sander Vesik began to fix the kerning. Tiresome work, but very useful and needed for 2.0, our Holy Grail. As an award he received CVS access.

Quick Response

James Cloos very quickly reacted to my call for last glyphs needed for full Latin Extended-A support. Everyone can admire his work ("long s") in next release.

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