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Monday, May 23, 2005

DejaVu News III.

by Štěpán Roh

Here I am again with latest news from the world of DejaVu fonts.

Almost cancelled

2.0 or 1.10? This question was answered with the release of version 1.10. It almost got cancelled because of lack of approved changes, but luckily two new glyphs and a few bug fixes catched in (only one week late).

Road to Perdition, err, I mean 2.0

Next release will be called 1.11 and it will be released on June 19th 2005. The priority is bug fixes (including better kerning and hinting) and merge with SuSE standard fonts.

Or, if miracle happens and kerning will be fixed, all glyphs in Latin Extended-A and B will be done and Arev fonts will be merged, next release will be called 2.0. Guess what is more probable.

It does sound Familiar

As mentioned earlier DejaVu fonts are now part of Familiar and other OpenEmbedded-based distribution. After doing a bit of hard thinking, Vašek Stodůlka decided to discontinue our own QPF version. We'll miss you, pal...

The Catcher in the Mono

Valentin Stoykov recently spotted and immediately fixed a problem with some Cyrillic glyphs in monospace faces. I hope he'll submit patches frequently in the future.

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