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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

DejaVu News I.

by Štěpán Roh

Welcome to the first installment of irregular DejaVu News bringing you the latest and greatest from the world of DejaVu fonts.

We did it again with 1.8

Yes, version 1.8 was released almost on time, but without any big changes, only all accents in experimental typefaces were fixed.

But at least we jumped over one percent in freshmeat.net's Popularity rank.

Road to 1.9

Goals we agreed upon for 1.9 (planned release on April 17th 2005; see also Roadmap):

  • PRIMARY GOAL: fixed kerning (especially in experimental typefaces)
  • extended kerning (this is a continuous process)
  • merge Cyrillic from Arev (Danilo takes care of this)
  • full coverage of Latin Extended-A (25 glyphs are missing, 10 of them claimed by David)
  • QPF version resurrection (Vasek will make it again when kerning is fixed)

We are coming, Adobe

"The Mac community will be happy and grateful if you can fix that on the whole line, especially Serif. It is the only printable and complete alternative we have to Adobe's OT Pro fonts..."

Quote from bug report by Slobodan Despot.

I did not even know someone uses DejaVu fonts on Mac.

Danilo exposed!

Something for the ladies: picture of the one, the only, Mr. Cyrillic himself, Danilo Šegan (from GUADEC 2005 Speakers via Davyd's Journal and Danilo's Blog).

Fresh blood

Give a warm welcome for our newest developer Ognyan Kulev who wants to work on hinting. Courageous man, I have to say.

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